Brett Murray - CEO and Co-Founder Make Bullying History Foundation

Brett Murray is 5 time nominee for Australian of the year, a state representative in 5 sports being surfing, surf life saving, swimming, rugby league and NSW state Champion in boxing.

Brett is passionate about spreading the MBHF anti-Bullying message globally. A multiple international author of titles such as 'I Dare Ya!', 'Give yourself permission to fly!' and his latest book ' Make Bullying History'. Brett was the former manager of Hand Brake Turn Parramatta, the NGO Automotive training program for disadvantaged youth, a course judged as best of it's kind in the world by the International Youth Foundation.

Brett has worked with Local, NSW State and Federal Governments, with the NSW Police Force, Federal police, NSW Juvenile Justice department and has served as a Youth Policy advisor to the NSW Governments Secretary to the Minister for youth. With over 14 years of experience presenting to students, parents teachers and as a professional speaker to corporates, Brett Murray draws from his own personal experience being chronically bullied as a teenager throughout high school years and partnering with clinical psychologists and Social Research experts McCrindle Research, Brett Murray and the MBHF have established themselves as pioneering service providers and thought leaders in the anti-bullying space.

Terrisa Murray - Founding Executive Director

Terrisa Murray is an Australian of the year nominee, Parramatta Citizen of the year runner-up, Western Sydney Business Woman of the West Finalist, and the General Manager of Make Bullying History Foundation. Coming from an adverse background as a child from a massively dysfunctional family with a high level of extreme domestic violence, Terrisa has a strength of character that amazes everyone she meets. Being a mother of three amazing young adult children with a very strong and positive family, her incredible legacy proving that history does not have to repeat itself.

Terrisa has served in a volunteer capacity over the last 15 years helping other women overcome similar situations in their own lives to help them regain their dignity and realise their value. As the Co-Founder with her husband Brett, and executive Director of Make Bullying History Foundation, Terrisa over sees the SAFEHEART Domestic Violence awareness and dignity arm of MBHF.