Vision, Mission and Values.


We exist to see a world transcending from the lounge room, schoolroom, locker room to the boardroom, free from intimidation, bullying and violence. A world where all generations, communities and cultures unite as one, standing together to inspire, encourage and empower one another to eradicate bullying through education, awareness, building of community and stimulating vision for individuals and society.


To become the most effective and most recognised Anti-bullying, anti-violence charity in Australia and across the globe. To be instrumental in the reduction of bullying, violent behaviour, domestic violence, corporate and workplace bullying, being effective in the reduction in rates of depression, self harm and suicide.


Make Bullying History Foundation firmly believe that every individual deserves to be treated with honour, dignity and respect. We believe that every individual has intrinsic self worth and has potential, and should be given every opportunity to fulfil that potential, to be an asset to society, not a liability. We believe every individual has the right to a safe existence free from intimidation, manipulation and control. An existence free from violence, threats of violence, antagonisation and devaluation. We value the fact that every person is born with free will and expression, and that every person deserves to be free to be themselves and feel safe in doing so. Make Bullying History Foundation Corporate Governance & Codes of Conduct Policy ii