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Making a difference

Make Bullying History Foundation was established by husband and wife team Brett and Terrisa Murray.

With 7 nominations for Australian of the year between them, and over 26 years of experience empowering young lives, Make Bullying History Foundation is the culmination of decades of care, research, passion and coalface experience helping young people, families and communities better themselves.

Over the past decade Make Bullying History seminars have had a direct, positive impact on the lives of over 400,000 students, parents and teachers around Australia, New Zealand and further abroad.

Make Bullying History Foundation is committed to raising leaders within communities, schools and families to ensure that all people are treated with honour, dignity and respect.

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Stronger Communities - Disarming Bullying

Unpacking what bullying is, what it is Not. Understanding why people do it, and how to stop it! Primary school and High School presentations available.

Know your worth

Understanding your self worth, what a healthy relationship actually looks like.


What is GRIT? Understanding positive growth mindset, turning a setback into a come back!

Leaders LEAD! Keys to influence

Leadership is not a title. 6 Keys on How to be a true person of influence.

Workplace Well-being

Deciphering bullying in the workplace, understanding how to create a positive and productive workplace environment.

Power of Parenting seminar

Demystifying bullying, teen thinking and the cyber world, the impact of positive parental influence.

Passion ON Purpose

Passion without purpose is just enthusiasm, find your key to success. They WHY behind your WHAT!


For young ladies. An awareness program of the pitfalls and signs of an unhealthy relationship.

RESPECT - Warrior Gentlemen

For young men. Chivalry is not dead! Respect for self & for others. You don’t get what you don’t give.

Make Bullying History Foundation has what we believe, measurable and very achievable objectives for the remainder of 2016 and on to 2017. Our goal is to serve 80 schools across Australia serving over 50,000 students, teachers and parents through anti-bullying seminars and workshops. Through our SAFEHEART domestic Abuse initiative, we aim to deliver 200 Brave packs to 200 women who are experiencing or escaping Domestic Abuse. To deliver these services we need to raise $120K in the next financial year, we need your help.

Together, we can Make History.

What we do

Make Bullying History Foundation provides tried, proven anti-bullying presentations, seminars and workshops for students and parents and professional Development workshops for teachers. Leadership is also high on the priority list, that’s why we train leaders.

PRESENTATIONS – These are specific keynote presentations for school, youth and college / University conferences or school assemblies. 45mins to 1 hour in length, short, sharp, polished, and fun. Easy to book, a pleasure to experience.

SEMINARS FOR STUDENTS - Make Bullying History seminars are tailored to Primary school, middle school and High school age groups, from years 5 & 6 through to year 12. Age specific, time-frame designed to cater for the appropriate age group. Covering issues such as what is and is not bullying, why do people bully, self esteem, self worth, contributing factors that effect self worth, how to disarm bullying, goal setting and more.

SEMINARS FOR PARENTS – Make Bullying History Parenting seminars are designed to empower and encourage parents on their incredible role and responsibility as parents and the amazing influence and impact they have on their children. 2 hours of entertaining and engaging information. A must for parents who care for their children.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS FOR TEACHERS – Teaching is often a thankless occupation. Teachers are all too often blamed for the problems at schools and rarely thanked for the solutions and positive action. The PD workshops encourage teachers to remember their indelible impact they have on students lives and the difference they are making. Time has a way of revealing influence, and teachers are great infuencers.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING – Student leaders regularly move on to become community leaders. Make Bullying History Foundation is passionate when it comes to equipping students with powerful leadership tools enabling them to make a positive impact and change throughout their young lives. These Leadership workshops are powerful and effective.

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Majority of schools book seminars in on an annual basis creating continuity of message.

We care, but why



For each of these 450 precious lives lost, 9 young people attempted suicide. That is over 3000 young people each year arriving at a point of such hopelessness that death seems to be the only option. This should not ever be the case. Many of the cases investigated over time have shown that bullying was a significant influence on the young persons life that potentially drove them to attempt the unthinkable.

Our presenters are effective communicators adding value to young people's lives, offering hope for families, encouragement and information to teachers, making a positive difference.


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What we plan to do

We need YOUR help so we can HELP as many kids as possible. Click to find out how you can help or; if you just want to see if we are coming to your your school or organisation.

Want more information?

Please check out our Resources Page for more information. We've included stats, infographics, flyers and links to other useful information about us and where we've come from.