Dear Brett,
I wanted to thank you for your ‘Make Bullying History’ seminar with my year group when they were in Year 8 in 2013. Topics covered include defining bullying, what it is and what it is not, why people bully, self esteem, self image, self worth, impacts of bullying, positive decision making processes, resilience, dream and goal setting, discovering your potential. The session went for four hours and the students and teachers, were engaged for the entire duration. The students identified your session as one of their highlights for that year and have recalled it a number of times over the next three years. Your anti-bullying message helped to almost eliminate bullying within the group students and they have encouraged each other to live the messages you gave them. They have encouraged students from subsequent year groups to really take on board your message. You do a great job with ‘Make Bullying History’ and I encourage you to keep making a difference in the lives of our young people.
Kind regards,
Ronie Quinn
Year 11 Adviser
Evans High School

Make Bullying History - Brett Murray Visit
Brett visited our school, Belmont Christian College last week- a Prep to Year 12 school. From the moment Brett started speaking to the students in the audience, he captured, engaged and sustained each groups’ attention – from our lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School to the Senior School students. His dynamic and energetic style of presentation personally involved students, as they could all identify with Brett’s make bullying history message. Brett’s very real message was delivered with humour and energy was this was carried through in each presentation. Most importantly, was the message of understanding what bullying actually is, why it occurs and real tools and strategies for students to use when and if bullying takes place. Feedback from students has been and continues to be phenomenal – they have such positive determination to conquer this problem, as insidious or as overt as it so often is in the many forms it takes. Teaching staff were later privileged to attend a professional development seminar so we too could be on board with this very real issue – not only in schools, but society in general. And to top it off, Brett presented a seminar to the parents of the College. The feedback from parents to has also been incredible – they were all so grateful for the experience. Belmont Christian College has no hesitation in asking Brett to come back to speak on a regular basis and look forward to an ongoing relationship with Brett in order to make bullying history!
Leoni McNeill
Head of Junior School
Belmont Christian College

“Brett Murray is a vibrant, passionate and thoroughly enjoyable presenter. He engages the students on their level, challenges them to achieve their goals and they leave with a feeling of, you can do anything if you put your mind to it”. I thoroughly recommend Brett to any school who is interested in the message of Anti Bullying and is well worth the expense.” Brett Murray will be back at our school very soon!
Student Coordinator

I don’t know where Brett Murray gets all his wisdom. He’s not bloody old enough to be wise. And yet he is wise- in a rich, home-spun kind of way. The School of Hard Knocks can only teach you so much, when you’re from a broken home, without a formal education. Still, Brett’s a natural- born teacher. A fast learner, too. ‘One must have courage to dare’, the great Russian novelist Dostoevsky wrote. ‘The will to do, the soul to dare’ said Sir Walter Scott. ‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatness’ was the gospel according to Senator Robert Kennedy. They might have been reading Brett Murray’s mail. To dream is to dare.
I saw him recently talking, and walking, through some ideas and aspirations with a bunch of young African- Australians.
He comforts and gently confronts. It’s a grinning, winning modus operandi that, I suspect, works with kids who’ve been bossed around – and kicked around -for too long in their short lives. Everybody Brett meets or hears about is a potential role model for him; someone who can inspire someone else, preferably a youngster to be all they can be. A boxer, an entertainer, an athlete who has taken on the odds and beaten them. Role models like young Jessie Martin - who sailed the world solo and cried- to Abraham Lincoln who didn’t know how to quit – until someone shot him down. Bullets are for cowards. I suspect it’ll take a B52 or at least a bulldozer, to slow Brett Murray down. Probably from his wife, Terri, or one of his bright-eyed kids - trying to get Dad to stand still for a minute or two.
“I want you to meet a young, firecracker of a bloke”, Will Davies had said to me many years ago. “You’ll like him”. I did, and I do. already done that. Again and again.
“The man who goes furthest is generally the one who is willing to dare.” (Dale Carnegie)
Ray Martin
Journalist, Television Icon
5 time Gold Logie Winner

“SCECGS Redlands was fortunate enough to have Brett address two groups of our students. Brett spoke with passion and energy, and teachers and students alike were captivated by his message. The veracity and genuineness with which he spoke earned the respect of our young people, who have since been inspired to ensure the culture of our school is positive, inclusive and supportive. Brett went out of his way to see the individuals in the audience and imparted something far deeper than just delivering a talk.
Brett’s presentation was so enthusiastic, energetic and engaging that we have invited him back……….
Brett also addressed our parents at a two-hour seminar. Brett’s versatility is such that he related to them as successfully as he had with our students. He gave valuable tips on relating to their children in his usual lively, captivating style. Many parents have since asked me when Brett will be back to talk to our students, remarking that nothing else has seemed to “get through” to them!…
Brett’s message of hope, life, and passion is infectious and I have no hesitation recommending him as a model of true leadership and motivation personified.”
Victoria Meadth,
Registered Psychologist
School Counsellor,
SCECGS Redlands

“Brett- Here's the deal man. I'm not easily impressed. AND I AM IMPRESSED BY YOU Bro, you kick ass! I checked out your DVD...love the phrases...
"Don’t tell me you can't make a difference, that's a load of crap!"
"You have a greater future, than you have a past."
You're bold, young, intriguing, edgy, honest. Dude your style is so honest. Most people on stage or TV are so full of crap, phony. Politically correct. You cut through the crap- and capture the heart of a teen. ALRIGHT.”
Josh Shipp
Americas' #1 Youth Motivator and presenter.

New Zealand School clips filmed in partnership with and thanks to Listen Inspired Engagements.

Hi Brett, Below is the first of the emails that I knew I would receive today as a result of your amazing day of seminars at Turramurra high School yesterday. I want to thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm in the way that you shared your expertise and knowledge with students staff and parents. I have had many teachers say how amazed they were that you had 400 students hanging on your every word for four hours! Staff, students and parents have commented on how powerful and inspirational your seminar was. You have a real gift for empowering people to take control over their future and take a positive view of themselves and others. What an incredibly powerful message for all of us, but particularly for the young people of the 21st century!
Thanks again,
Ms Stephanie McConnell
Principal Turramurra High School

"As a Global professional speaker I come across many presenters who claim to be ‘the best’.
I have personally witnessed Brett Murray deliver his Make Bullying History program and I can say without fail he ‘IS’ one of the best anti-bully speakers and authorities on Bullying in the world.
His powerful style is engaging, entertaining, comical and yet at the same time very challenging and educational.
I’ve shared the stage and worked with the best communicators on the planet, I would certainly class Brett Murray amongst them.
A friend, a colleague, a professional.
If you want your school or organisation to have one of the worlds leading authorities on Bullying, you must book Brett Murray.”
Professional speaker

“In the past few years Brett has attended Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre on a number of occasions and provided a range of motivational workshops to our young people. It is difficult to describe the atmosphere created in each session and Brett’s approach has been completed with high levels of energy and in a positive light. Brett’s personal testimonies enthused and motivated our young people and were received by all who were present. As you can imagine the environment that is within a centre can be negative and emotionally draining with the issues that are faced by our young people. I believe that Brett was able to break through some of these barriers in the limited session time and instill some of his positive energy into our detainees.”
Shannon Fitzgerald,
Vocational Instructor Department of Juvenile Justice

“Brett Murray is one of life’s “Givers”. I asked Brett to open the 2006 Inaugural Youth Convention and was delighted with his care, attention to detail and adherence to my criteria. Brett under promised and over delivered in his presentation, making clear and significant connection with his audience. Brett challenges, inspires, empathizes with and creates an individual experience for his entire audience. He is a sure bet inclusion in any program.”
Robert Henderson.
Youth Convention Chair
2006 National Speakers Association of Australia.

We were extremely fortunate to have Brett Murray as a guest speaker. He was an excellent speaker, the guests were captivated. He has the ability to share his story and experiences to the audience with amazing skill and finesse.
We conduct evaluations for all the activities at the camp. Brett Murray received some wonderful positive comments which I quote below:
“he was amazing – that speech will have changed my life”
“the part of the weekend that had the most impact; Brett Murray”
“Brett Murray inspired me to change into who I am and follow my dreams”
“he was funny and made me confident”
More than 50% of the participants gave Brett 10/10 for his presentation.
I would highly recommend Brett for any speaking engagement.
Liz MacKintosh
Chairperson Rypen Committee

“Brett Murray has spoken at many of our events over the past ten years with exceptional results in motivating young people to live their dreams and fulfill their potential...”
Dominic Kelsall
Managing Director True-L Music

“It was so fantastic having you involved in our event and we are receiving rave reviews on you as a guest speaker from everyone from students, teachers, parents and all the “VIP’s” that were in attendance.”
Alison Hood, Pathway Advocate Consultant
Youth Connections & VET Award Organiser

“Dear Brett,
Thank you very much for opening our year 11 seminar. The students not only enjoyed your motivational address but really listened to what you had to say. To see our students engrossed in the activities you presented and to become so involved in the ‘imagine’ exercise – all eyes closed and dreaming of future possibilities for themselves - was really something to behold; some students even had tears in their eyes!
You really had an impact.
……I can highly recommend your presentation to anyone…..”
Gail Wykes, Principal.
Lynda Franklin, Careers Advisor
Chifley College Bidwill Campus

Hi Brett
......You cannot begin to imagine the impact you had on Rowville Secondary College – EVERYONE is talking about you – and it is all good!!!!! I have done some preliminary data collection from the kids who saw your presentation - the top three comments so far were:
· He was so funny
· He taught us not to live in the past
· We are all worth something/winners
How cool is that!!! I have every intention of getting you back down to Melbourne before the end of the year.....
Thanks so much – I have learnt so much from listening to you myself!
Please keep in touch.
Jennie Attard.
Rowville Secondary College Vic

Hi Brett
Thank you again for providing such engaging workshops and seminars with our college community. It has certainly started up a lot of discussion and I have had many moments where I have smiled whilst over hearing students sharing their dreams.
I'll also forward a link to our newsletter that we are distributing tomorrow which is largely centred around your presence this week. I've included a snapshot of some of this feedback I too have been emailed.

“What an amazing and mesmerizing presenter - he had me in tears at one point! There was so much valuable information to take on board and I think it is a presentation that every parent and child should see.”

“He was very engaging, thought provoking and motivating. I can see why my daughter (and probably all the students) was so impressed and positively impacted by what he had to say yesterday. I’m also impressed with your proactive approach to bullying in the school environment.”

“My husband and I got a lot from the talk and were very pleased we attended. Both our children came home from school with only positive things to say about the talk. We appreciate the proactive approach the school is taking."

I will ensure I send through a reference letter in the near future.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Kind Regards
Emily Paul | Assistant to the Principal - Students
Mater Dei Catholic College
Plunkett Drive, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650