Who are we

The SAFEHEART ‘KNOW YOUR WORTH’ program is specifically designed to be a circuit breaker of domestic abuse and domestic violence. MBHF is the only outer agency in Australia (to our knowledge) delivering more than just an awareness program, but facilitates this positive result for young people. ‘Know Your Worth’ positively reinforces the message that White Ribbon currently share, and takes that message further by empowering students to actually build their own positive relationships, giving them the social tools for life.

MBHF are dedicated to eradicating bullying in schools across Australia. Our nation has one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world. Suicide is the #1 killer of teenagers in Australia, the #1 killer of males aged 15 – 25. 80% of all suicides are a direct result of bullying.

Click to see the full Channel 7 Sunday Night Investigatory Report - No Matter Go Can't Escape the Real Cost of School Onlione Bullying

MBHF have had the privilege of working with indigenous communities across the nation from schools in Humptydoo in the Northern Territory, communities in Wyndam WA, taking students from Kempsey NSW to the tropical paradise of Samoa and the beautiful community on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Our leadership programs have worked in well with elders sharing the heritage ‘story’ of each community of young people and creating a bridge between cultures and building mutual respect amongst everyone.

Bullying Stats

Make Bullying History Foundation firmly believe that every individual deserves to be treated with honour, dignity and respect. We believe that every individual has intrinsic self worth and has potential, and should be given every opportunity to fulfil that potential, to be an asset to society, not a liability. We believe every individual has the right to a safe existence free from intimidation, manipulation and control. An existence free from violence, threats of violence, antagonisation and devaluation. We value the fact that every person is born with free will and expression, and that every person deserves to be free to be themselves and feel safe in doing so. Make Bullying History Foundation Corporate Governance & Codes of Conduct Policy.